Vrai Watches Kill la Kill (Part 1)


People demanded it, and we’re here to deliver: four watchalong podcasts including excellent guest host Miranda Sanchez. I’m loosely familiar with KLK–I pretty much couldn’t avoid it since I was watching Samurai Flamenco that season–so I went in knowing a few spoilers beforehand, but you can still enjoy plenty of surprise and flailing.

Anyway, Mako’s gonna be Ryuko’s girlfriend and Satsuki is best character. Please stop making these characters suffer through so much humiliation-based fanservice.

Content warning on probably all of these for discussions of misogyny and sexual assault.

Show notes are at Anime Feminist!

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  1. I also loved Kill la Kill – not my favourite anime of all time, but it’d probably be somewhere in my top 50-ish if I cared to make such a list. I’m also one of those rare in-betweeners who thinks who thinks of it as a subversively feminist title at least in some respects, even while other parts struck me as wildly misogynistic. I don’t necessarily think that any given title can’t have elements of both. Anyhow, I really enjoyed this podcast, thank you as always for putting in the time to make it!

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