Trash & Treasures: Golden Boy

Never has so much money been poured into art of a man lovingly nuzzling a toilet seat. Repeatedly. While backed by the finest of campy 90s dubs.

Happy Valentine’s Day! As is tradition, we’re ringing in the occasion with a garbage anime about love. Last year’s ended with multiple homicides, but this year we went with something gentler: fetish porn. Fetish porn with a really big budget.

Witness Golden Boy, the anime you might’ve seen praised on Tumblr for what looks, in isolation, like a really nice swimming sequence. Or maybe you know it for its dub, a triumphant achievement of human willpower starring a man who didn’t do much acting after the 90s and knows exactly what kind of show he’s working on. Most shocking of all, it’s an ecchi series that almost entirely focuses on women of legal age.

Yes, Golden Boy is the kind of treasure this show was invented for. Soak it in; but like, check what you’re soaking in first.

CONTENT WARNING for discussion of assault, false accusation narratives, racism, sexism, and bodily fluids.

The Swimming Anime Post

You Can Legally Stream This

1:00 Why Has the Internet Heard of This
6:30 Keitaro and Kintaro
8:30 Evangelion Cast Reunion
10:30 A Man of Kinks
15:00 The First Job (‘Splaining to Lady Programmers)
26:00 False Accusation Girl
30:00 The Good Virgin and the Yakuza Horse Date
38:30 Swimming Anime
43:45 She Bones a Motorcycle
52:00 It’s Become Self-Aware (Get the Band Back Together)
59:00 Should You Watch This

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