Trash & Treasures: Phantom of the Paradise

I’m now one step closer to having seen every film adaptation of Phantom of the Opera.

We asked readers to pick us a movie, and the results were…extremely 70s.

It’s cool: Vrai is a big Phantom of the Opera nerd, and Dorothy is totally primed to watch the older version of The Crow (that there’s not much reason to watch, because now The Crow exists). And we can all come together and marvel at the glory of BEEF, the most magical and meatheadiest gay rocker.

CONTENT WARNING for discussion of misogyny, sexual assault, suicide.

2;00 It’s so 70s
5:00 Brian de Palma, Fuck
9:00 Christine is awesome, actually
14:00 Our Hero is too dumb to live
19:00 So. Phoenix, huh
23:00 A foolproof plan
27:00 We’ve peaked
29:00 BEEF and musical logistics
34:00 Dorian Satan Gray
40:00 The Final Crowdown
42:30 Let’s throw a few bones
45:00 Is there a Very Important Theme in here
47:00 Should you watch this?

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