Fall 2017 and Year-End Anime Recs


What better way to move into the year than by staring determinedly backward at the year that was? I did several write-ups about the Fall 2017 season and the year in anime as a whole, as well as some podcasting for those of you looking for an audio version. Short version: rocks own my heart, and it was a quality year for gay.

I got together with Dee and Peter to talk about the back half of the Fall season. Includes: probably the last time I’ll have Opinions on Ancient Magus Bride, a series I can see why people like that just keeps pushing me away.


Feminist anime recommendations of Fall 2017

Have you watched the rocks? I’m still talking about the rocks; as well as Anime-Gataris, a hot mess that’s also the most interesting meta anime in years; and Code Realize, one of the best otome game adaptations out there.


AniFem’s top picks for 2017

At the end of the day we can all shake hands and agree that Showa Genroku Rakugo Shinju is a nigh-unimpeachable masterpiece that everyone everywhere should watch; rocks are still super good; the cute yuri spies need a second season; the dragon wives are the problematic apples of my meatheart; and, God help me, I’m kinda still thinking about KADO.

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