Trash & Treasures: Single White Female

It’s not often we cover an honest-to-God harmfully offensive film on this show!

We take you to the early 90s. While Philadelphia was teaching straight America that The Gays Are People Too, Single White Female made sure to tell them that lesbians are definitely coming to obsessively stalk and then murder you with their scary mental illness. But, y’know, you get to see some boobs first.

It’s super not a good film, y’all. Take a good whiff of that pyscho lesbian trope; then hold your nose and follow us in. The movie finally convinced us that its central antagonist was an awful person–but way, way after it thought it had. The first two thirds are the sad tale of a woman trying to desperately hold onto a rent-controlled apartment in Manhattan.

(Vrai had some audio issues on this episode–don’t worry, it’ll be worked out by next time.)

CONTENT WARNING for discussion of sexual assault, mental illness, and animal death.

3:00 The Erotic Thriller Genre
7:00 Illustrious Acting Credits
11:00 Our Heroine’s List of Woes
14;00 The Badly Named Lesbian Parade
17:00 Gaybor Graham
20:00 Scary Lesbian Hedra (is Good Actually)
24:00 This is Our Love Interest?
29:30 Dog Dead, Details Later
34:00 Armchair Psychology
38:00 There’s That Crossed Line
45:00 Women Be Competin: A Film
48:00 Unfinished Business
51:00 Very Deep Monologuing

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