Drunk Book Club: The Da Vinci Club

My Christmas gift to you, dear readers, is my drunken wails of anguish.

Merry Christmas and happy holidays, listeners! We rang in the season the only way we knew how: with a book banned by the Catholic Church. Turned out they weren’t happy with the whole “Jesus got his dick out one time” argument.

We’re just unhappy because it’s agonizing.

Oh, and it was a major reflection of the post-9/11 Bush years and the stratifying power fantasies inherit in secret societies or whatever.

CONTENT WARNING for discussion of misogyny, antisemitism, ableism.

4:00 9/11 Culture
7:30 Dorothy’s Spy Grandpa
11:00 3rd Person Omniscient is Bullshit
14:30 The Museum Murder
18:30 Sophie, Head of Cabbage
23:00 It Do Art History Bad
28:00 SYMBOLOGY and Secret Organizations
33:00 The Holy Grail
35:00 You Did Not Do a Feminism
43:30 Dan Brown Thinks This Shit is Real
52:00 The Climax
59:00 Moar Symmbology
63:00 That Fucking Pyramid
68:00 Anti-Stratfordians
72:30 Should You Read This

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