Trash & Treasures: Hogfather/The Nightmare Before Christmas

Part one of our holiday gift to you, featuring an only slightly cold take.

It’s the holidays, and you know what that means–something old and something…wait. Maybe that’s something else.

Have a sit and let us mock two movies we really love a lot: the tale of Douchebro McBonehead’s quest for cultural appropriation, and Terry Pratchett’s “You CAN be an Atheist and Not be a Dick About it.”

2:30 Free Whasisname Selick
5:00 Apologies, we are Fake Pratchett Fans
9:00 Jack Skellington: Douchebro
12:30 Pestilent Morporkh
15:30 Sir Curly Visual Pun
19:00 The Very Competent Woman
21:00 The Power of Stories (WHAT ARE THESE EMOTIONS)
31:30 Good Omens Break
35:00 Nightmare v Corpse Bride
40:00 The Craft of Stop Motion
42:30 Weird Questions We’ve had for 20 Years
47:00 Cultural Appropriation, Kids!
53:00 Should You Watch These?

That Weird Epilogue

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