Trash & Treasures: Freeway

Alright, Fair dues: it’s the most memorable Red Riding Hood take I’ve ever seen.

Behold: a movie about a teen girl who’s a survivor of sexual abuse, written by a straight man…that doesn’t suck. Actually, it’s kind of good at telling a power fantasy about a young woman below the poverty line raging against upper class straight male privilege.

It…it’s less good at talking about race. It’s super bad at that, actually.

CONTENT WARNING for discussion of sexual assault, child abuse, pedophilia, suicide, and necrophilia.

2:00 Discount Danny Elfman Appears
5:00 Just like Red Riding Hood
9:00 Male gaze and car ride of horrors
19:00 How to solve male privilege
25:00 Movie by white writers and directors tries talking about race
31:00 Women in prison
39:00 The dumbest break in the case
43:00 Where’d this ominous shed come from?
47:00 Showdown at ye olde trailer park
53:00 Should you watch this movie?

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