Trash & Treasures: Interview with the Vampire

Never underestimate the amount of time I can spend talking about this franchise. Oh, and we have show notes now!

Hey, you know how vampires are all sad and broody now? It’s because of this story. But also they were still doing murders and being scary while having existential crises. Anyway, this is the simple story of a man and his bad, bad marriage to Tom Cruise. Meanwhile, one of western cinema’s best child performances breaks out.

Also, we really love Louis and loathe Brad Pitt. Also additionally, Antonio Banderas was good. Come at me.

CONTENT WARNING for….Anne Rice stuff. Discussion of suicide, depression, child and spousal abuse.

Now with (very broadly sketched) show notes!

4:00 Neil Jordan loves telling queer stories (poorly)
11:00 Personal Histories
15:00 The Tom Cruise Debacle
21:00 Daniel Molloy, sweaty boy reporter
26:00 Louis is Great, Actually (fuck you, Brad Pitt)
32:00 Stuff from the later books
34:00 Hey, bad stuff happens to kids here
41:00 Antonio Banderas is Great, Actually
49:00 Paul was kind of important (who?)
54:00 The second half has…problems
62:00 The movie sure does have an ending
69:00 (nice) Our cat is very helpful

The Anne Rice Intro

Vrai talks more about IWTV (the book)

IWTV is a depressing standalone novel

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