Fall 2017 Anime Premiere Reviews (Part II)

land 6

More premieres! Featuring my far-and-away pick of the season. Like last time, I have a quick sum-up of the review and a link to the longer one if you want a more detailed breakdown.



I dig an Obscure Sports Anime about Friends, nice to see one about girls. The fanservice is a tad much, and I’m always nervous when “has a crush on a teacher” is a plot point.

land 2

Land of the Lustrous

Nonbinary characters, body horror, gorgeous and unique art design. It was made for me. It’s not actually much like Steven Universe at all.

garo 4

GARO -Vanishing Line-

It’s a throwback anime that ports all the gross misogyny along with the cool action and meathead/kid dynamic.

gataris 7


It might turn out to be something neat and the helpful otaku ojou is the cutest; the homophobic stereotype of a teacher is a shame.

sister 6

A Sister’s All You Need

It’s worse than you’re thinking.

shobitch 11

My Girlfriend’s a Shobitch

There’s actually a good idea for a vulgar comedy with heart in here and I’m mad at it for giving me hope before crushing it.

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  1. My favorite anime here is Garo, even though I know that there are many haters. Also I just recently found out that its already the third sequel. The plot and story was amazing even you don’t even need to watch the previous series to cope up with the anime.

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