Trash & Treasures – What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?

You may remember this one from my favorite films list.

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Midseason Anime Check-in (Summer 2017)

I got together with some other members of the AniFem team (y’all may recognize Dee from the Utena recaps) to discuss how this season is going so far. Some surprises, some serious disappointments, and a few uneven bits of promise.

Show notes are over at Anime Feminist!

fafnir con

Hey y’all, I’ll be at Otakon this weekend; if you’re gonna be there, feel free to say hi!

In the meantime, just so y’all have content, I’m recapping the new season of Rick & Morty for The Mary Sue. Hopefully that’ll tide y’all over until Monday. Take care!

[Link] Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid and (Adult) Sexuality


Here at AniFem we talk a lot about fanservice—no surprise, given how predominant and normalized the sexualization of (mostly female) characters is in the industry. But it’s far from a cut-and-dried issue: a boobs ‘n’ butts show about adults isn’t the same as panty shots of a 13-year-old which, in turn, isn’t the same as fetishizing helplessness. And all of that can make it difficult to suss out grey zones like bawdy comedy or actual sex-positive content grounded in character agency. It’s easy to make a checklist and call it a day, and while everyone has their own line in the sand, those grey zones are worth exploring.

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