Trash & Treasures – Waking Sleeping Beauty

The UNTOLD, UNCUT story of Disney’s struggles during their so-called Dark Age….and if you believe that, I’ve got some waterfront property in Kansas you might be interested in.

We take a dive into documentaries and talk about what it means to tell a supposedly nonfiction narrative. Whose voice gets heard? What facts do you spin? What do you do to make Disney happy, when they have the power to shut you out completely?

And the most important question of all: CAN you believe this shit?

The field is rather divided on that one.

The Popsicle Twins

Discussing Ashman’s Death

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  1. Any of y’all seen Sweatbox? It’s a documentary about the making of Emperor’s New Groove – but its NOT flattering to Disney. i think they choked distribution on it – its hard to find but not impossible, it might be an interesting counter to this documentary.

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