Trash & Treasures – Brokeback Mountain

Ending the Pride Month episodes by going back where I came from.

This movie wants us to believe it’s about the Tragedies of Homophobia but weeeeeeee’re not so sure. There’s about half a dozen movies it could’ve been to sort through first.

Yeah, that’s right. The last episode of Pride Month is The Gay Cowboy Movie. The meme that died and rotted in its grave more than a decade ago. It uh….well, it’s a film. It’s a pretty accurate portrayal of Wyoming, even, despite mostly filming in Canada. Vrai’s a pretty good authority on that point.

Vrai’s Brokeback essay

Check out Blue Dawn

June is Pride Month, dear listeners. To celebrate, we’ll be bringing you not two but FOUR episodes this month, each an examination of a different way queerness in film has been handled. Some successfully, some….less so.

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  1. I remember watching this in theaters, and being really confused at the gay tent sex scene. Being awful I felt more for the wives than the two dudes. Alma tried to hard and deserved so much better. I do agree the story ending would have been stronger if the daughter ended up gay – as it is she just comes off as a saint of a daughter to a guy who was never there.

    • I mean, the movie never even TRIES to address the fact that this is a story about an affair. Homophobia is a FACTOR for sure, but it treats the women as objects and not people also being hurt by their unfaithful partners

  2. Your article (super thank you for writing it) makes me question how it is that Ang Lee can capture the essence of life in Wyoming and life in 18th century English middle class in Sense and Sensibility but his movies set in China doesn’t feel Chinese at all. (I know he’s from Taiwan) . His Crouching…feels way more like a Wild West than a wuxia. but I would say a lot of those really popular wuxia (kung fu) novels and tv drama’s were written by Taiwanese writers or at least available in Taiwan, so that really confused me. I’m so sorry Brokeback Mountain can’t get passed the ‘look, it’s SOOO sad’ feeling. I’m still so salty about his Lust, Caution movie.

    I mean, I can forgive him for being vague about the incredible complex political situation of Shanghai in the 40’s (the affluent parts were de facto being controlled by Dutch, German, French and English armies, Japanese armies were invading it, the Chinese communist party and the Chinese nationalist party were fighting against each other while trying to regain the entire city as Chinese territory, making it open for Chinese citizens and taking in Jewish refugees) but I can’t forgive Lee for turning what’s supposed to be a coming of a age story of a young girl/woman (Lust, Caution is adapted from Zhang Ailing’s work and she’s all about the female voice) into a story that’s all about MAN PAIN and Man’s DOOM caused by Incomprehensible Female Feelings. Zhang’s themes( she is so biting, so precise, so real about how it feels and is to be a woman in China), makes it impossible for Chinese directors and writers in China to adapt her stories in all of its glory on screen due to censorship in China ( when they do adapt her stories it’s all neutered, making women suffering for love noble and rewarding and therefore keeping the patriarchy alive and kicking )and ugh. Why Lee. Why?

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