[LINK] Kado: The Right Answer Preview

kado 2

Wondering what I’ve been up to? Well, part of it has been writing up a few premieres over at Anime Feminist. Here’s one for your reading pleasure (don’t worry, you’ll still get two other posts this week as well).

Oh, boy. This is a rough one. What we have here is a show I very much want to like: a high concept sci-fi story about first contact with the potential for a uniquely interesting protagonist. Unfortunately, this show is already setting itself up in a worrying pattern of meandering quietly along for 20 minutes or so, then introducing a big twist in the closing minutes. If it’s already repeating tricks this early on, including an almost identical zoom-out from the giant alien cube that may or may not be menacing the city, it’s somewhat worrisome for episodes to come.

Read the rest at Anime Feminist!

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