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  1. I tried to comment on the Anime Fem site but couldnt’ figure out how to comment on that post. So apologies as I leave it here.

    If you guys are going to discuss Fushigi Yugi, I’d be inclined to suggest that you guys give the series 12 Kingdoms a look. The first arc does a similar “normal girl gets sucked into magical fantasy land and shakes things up” but does a lot of interesting things with it I feel makes it more of a counterpoint to FY and that trope as a whole.

  2. Same. I don’t know how to comment on Anime Fem, but I absolutely loved hearing this. Can you guys give your opinion on all of the major 90’s shoujo’s? haha. I cracked up during the dubs section. I grew up hearing Dutch, German and Chinese dubs and recently added French for my studies and err, people in America and Japan really, really lucked out on the voice actors departement haha.

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