Trash & Treasures: House (Hausu)

I’m exceedingly fond of this movie, so this became a COME LEARN A THING episode.

Six friends, with names that match their personality traits, take a trip to the middle of nowhere to stay with an adult they’ve never met before. It goes surprisingly well for them.

Also a disembodied pair of legs kicks a portrait of a cat until it spits blood water, because this movie laughs at your confusion.

An interview with director Nobuhiko Obayashi

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  1. Just wanted to let you know that Amazon is showing this movie as available to rent for $3.99, so there does seem to be a fairly inexpensive way for people to check it out.

  2. Great review! I especially loved your reading of the ending (mostly because I just want these girls to be happy, please), and I’ll have to rewatch it sometime soon with that in mind.

    Since you mentioned the manga, I actually have something to contribute regarding that, since I had a chance to read the two extant adaptations. (I’m also the person who dug up the Reanimator manga, if you remember that ^^) Neither of them are remotely as interesting (read: bizarre) as the movie, since they mostly strip it down to the fairly comprehensible plot, but they both had some pretty striking imagery, especially for Gorgeous’ death(?) scene. That said, that’s pretty much the only interesting thing about them, though I wish I’d taken some pictures while I had the chance.

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