Trash & Treasures: School Days

C’mon, you know I never miss a chance to talk about this glorious trashfire.

Happy (early) Valentine’s Day, everyone!

In order to honor this holiday with the respect it deserves, our hosts decided to watch a melodrama full of badly animated, terrible people that famously ends in a double homicide. It’s the best comedy series of the season.

All that plus a one-up contest over who can name the weirdest visual novel, the ending to that crowbarred YA love triangle you’ve always wanted, and why pregnancy Does Not Work That Way.

CONTENT WARNING for discussion of sexual assault.

Vrai’s School Days article 

Yes, Dorothy Does Own Enzai

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  1. A question and a comment: First, I watched episode 1 of this out of curiosity; it seemed pretty run-of-the-mill and not worth spending my time on. How long before it gets “good” (by which I mean entertainingly bad instead of just plain bad)?

    Second, the “Vrai’s School Days article” link doesn’t work. I presume it was supposed to go to your “My Fave is Problematic” article on AniFem.

    • Ah, thanks for the heads up. You’re correct, that’s the article in question.
      As for when it gets fun, I’d say the first episode really is the hurdle, since it’s pretty glacially paced and not too remarkable. Now, I’ve never watched the show alone, but by episode 3 it’s really rolled into everyone being idiots and/or terrible people.

      • You’re right, that was definitely a trashfire. Incidentally, halfway through watching the series I thought to myself, hey, “all this ‘everyone being idiots and/or terrible people’ stuff with accompanying teen emo shenanigans reminds me of Scum’s Wish.” It’s as if Scum’s Wish is the arthouse equivalent of School Days—and I say that as someone who’s been enjoying reading the manga and watching the anime.

        • Well, I’d give Scum’s Wish the added benefit that it KNOWS what it’s doing and wants to engage with those topics, rather than the “throw shit at a wall then set it on fire” approach that is School Days

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