Drunk Book Club: Prince Lestat

Not QUITE an episode of Trash & Treasures, but it felt important to begin 2017 this way: drunk and distracting ourselves with garbage.

Okay, so there are these vampires, right? And they all originated from this time a demon possessed a human, yeah? Well it turns out we’re all connected by magic ethereal blood tentacles and….
Yeah, lemme get a drink before we get any further into this.

Some things are best experienced secondhand. Dorothy and Vrai are here to report these things to you, with the help of a little liquid courage.

Join us on our periodical journey through the bad, the weird, and the trashy lowlights of literature, starting with something we both love very, very much: The Vampire Chronicles.

Or, we did, before certain sequels turned the hero into an unrepentant rapist and brought in “science” that even L Ron Hubbard would call kind of far-fetched. Now we just can’t look away. Join us, won’t you?

The First VC Fanfic Dorothy Ever Read

Louis Blue

Vrai’s Prince Lestat Liveblog

The Conspiracy Theory

Lestat and Consent

Vrai reviews better VC books 

CONTENT WARNING: This episode features discussion of sexual assault and intimate partner abuse.

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