Heeeeeeeeeeey, gang? So I thought I was ready to write about That Episode of Gankutsuou with a week’s separation from the election but now there’s a white supremacist on the payroll and the supreme court pick is all about re-criminalizing homosexuality and I need to write about the ridiculous trashpires for another week is what I’m saying. Please, for the love of God, let me distract myself from Tragic Gays (TM) another week.

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  1. At first I felt like we were trapped in some sort of alternate reality, like those sci-fi stories where Germany wins WW2 and also there are zombies.

    Now I realize that I simply had too much faith in humanity.

    I’m a white middle class cis straight woman and I am STILL scared at what lies ahead. I can’t even imagine how more marginalized groups are dealing with this. At least this election has actually prompted me to finally look into volunteering.

    • That’s good. We all have to live our day to day lives and find joy as we can, but we can never let ourselves relax into thinking this is normal or alright. Shit’s only getting scarier.

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