Trash and Treasures: The Great Mouse Detective

Who would’ve thought a bunch of 90s kids would have so many feelings about detective mice?

Not Disney, that’s for sure. RELEASE THE MERCH. WE KNOW YOU HAVE IT.

Join us for the trainwreck that was Disney’s corporate kerfuffles, a very Holmesian brand of shade, and alarmingly passionate feelings about animated animals.

The show’s afoot! Barring any world-melting events, there’ll be a new episode every two weeks. You can also find us on iTunes (though I’m still working at the moment on getting the RSS feed etc. all synced up – it’s a brave new world for one and all).

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  1. Somehow I never developed much affection for The Great Mouse Detective, despite seeing it at the right age and generally liking what it does. Maybe I was spoiled by the gorgeous Renaissance films.

    As for the first queer-coded Disney villain, I’d like to nominate Captain Hook, that dandy of the high seas surrounded by his crew of burly sailors. One could probably also make a case for Pinocchio’s Coachman, but that’s a lot darker than I’d like to go, and he seems motivated by just pure malice.

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