Still Buffering Delivers Great Cross-Generational Sisterly Bonding


Years ago, the McElroys joked about a counterpart to their show My Brother, My Brother and Me called My Sister, My Sister and Me. While that did eventually come into existence as a one-off bonus for donors to the Maximum Fun network, the public at large was left bereft of a weekly source of sisterly goofs. Into that void came Still Buffering, a podcast hosted by three sisters – two in their thirties, and one still in high school.

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The Consulting Analyst – The Vampire Lestat (Part 1)


Interview with the Vampire Recap

It’s time to talk about Lestat. You remember Lestat, don’t you? The one who came up out of nowhere to take these books in a completely different direction, the one who eventually could do no wrong?

We’ll be covering a slightly shorter segment of actual text this round, since there’s a whole bunch of setup and context we need to discuss before going forward. Also, this book is a good deal longer than Interview (my 1st edition of IWTV clocks in at a little over 300 pages, while my trade copy of TVL runs 550, with thinner pages and smaller typeset), so we’ll probably be riding this train on into the new year. Hopefully it’s an entertaining ride.

….I also better reiterate my fondness for these books right here and now, because the claws are gonna come out for a bit.

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