Trash & Treasures: The Pilot

Welcome to Trash & Treasures! We rescue the movies others throw away. 

As I toil away on Gankutsuou – posts apparently determined to be difficult to write in a manner proportional to my love for the series – I wanted to take this moment to share an exciting project with you, dear readers.

Before you is the pilot episode of a podcast that will be debuting in the coming weeks: October 3rd, to be precise. Every two weeks, my two cohosts and I will pick a movie that’s fallen through the cracks – sometimes to unearth a hidden gem, and sometimes just to roll around in a pile of ripe, luscious garbage.

This first episode is the former, if you were wondering.

We’ve been working and planning for the last few months to bring this project to you, and I hope that the combination of snark and actual film critique we’re shooting for will warm the hearts out of those of you who’ve enjoyed reading this blog over the years.

As a head’s up for the audiophiles, the sound’s a bit rough on this one. There was a bit of a learning curve in terms of editing (the very kind FlareShard served as a guest editor on this one, and also created our logo). Also, a content warning heads up for discussions of assault, and Anne Rice’s generally poor handling thereof. Those of you who’ve been reading the recaps probably know the drill.

Happy listening!

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  1. That was an amusing diversion on a sleepy Sunday morning, but I have to confess I almost bailed partway through because the compression artifacts on Chris Spiderdreamer’s voice were hurting my ears, and he was doing most of the talking up to that point. (I’m glad I didn’t though, else I would have missed the story about Lestat and Jesus.) Your sections were actually pretty well-recorded, though you were a bit too far back in the mix. I think if the other two duplicate your audio setup things will be fine.

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