One More Week of Steven

Yes, it’s true. While I’d hoped that we could return to Gankutsuou this week (the post is half done, even!), moving and Real Life Responsibilities (TM) absolutely wiped me out this week. So I beg your indulgence, and offer another post of Steven Universe analysis to tide you over until we get back on that anime train (which I miss with all my heart – the adaptation this time, y’all).

(And don’t forget – if you want to follow these recaps even when I’m not posting them here, they go up night of airing on that tumblr and morning after on The Mary Sue.

gem hunt

Steven Universe Recap: Gem Hunt

crack the whip

Steven Universe Recap: Crack the Whip

steven vs amethyst

Steven Universe Recap: Steven vs. Amethyst


Steven Universe Recap: Bismuth

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  1. I’m honestly surprised you were able to keep up with the Steven Universe recapping *and* move *and* take care of other stuff. I certainly don’t mind waiting for more of your thoughts on the Count, Albert, and the rest of the crew. (And in any event right now I have to pay more attention to Steven Universe myself, lest my conversations with a Certain Someone either leave me confused or spoil me or both.)

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