The Summer of Steven Continues

Everything I own is in boxes and I may or may not have consistent internet! Which means, unfortunately, that all I have to offer you this fine Friday-becoming-Saturday is more Steven Universe coverage. I know. I know. I thank y’all for your kind patience with all this uproar.

I have good news, though! The Mary Sue came through with some funding, which means I’ll be able to pick up the Gravity Falls recaps again once all of this turmoil settles down and the so-called “Steven Nuke” has finally allowed my sleepless, ashen body to rest.

Hit the jump for some analyses.

restaurant wars

Steven Universe Recap: Restaurant Wars


Steven Universe Recap: Kiki’s Pizza Delivery Service


Steven Universe Recap: Monster Reunion

alone at sea

Steven Universe Recap: Alone at Sea


Steven Universe Recap: Greg the Babysitter

Two more weeks and ten new episodes to go! Oh Goooooooooood.

I’m very tired, readers. Take care out there.

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  1. Moving Buddies! *fistbump of solidarity from across state lines*

    I’m about a week behind on SU (and everything else, seems like), but I’ve been reading your recaps after I finish eps. Love the work you’re doing on those. Looking forward to reading along with this batch, too! So don’t be surprised if you get Twitter DMs full of feels over the next few days. ^^;

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