The Summer of Steven

Hey, there, internet. If you’re wondering what happened to yesterday’s Consulting Analyst, let me introduce you to the Summer of Steven:

summer of steven

Yup. A whole month of new episodes every day, Monday to Friday. And yours truly has been writing them up over on The Mary Sue. It’s been…an adjustment. So while I try to keep my head above water and hopefully ride the rest of the month through with no more interruptions, here are some mini-analyses to tide you over.

And if you’ve been curious about Steven Universe but aren’t sure where to start, I’ve got you covered there too. 

drop beat dad

Steven Floats/Drop Beat Dad 

mr. greg

Mr. Greg

too short

Too Short to Ride


The New Lars


Beach City Drift

That’s one week down! I’ll see you on Monday for a proper essay.

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