The Summer of Steven Continues

Everything I own is in boxes and I may or may not have consistent internet! Which means, unfortunately, that all I have to offer you this fine Friday-becoming-Saturday is more Steven Universe coverage. I know. I know. I thank y’all for your kind patience with all this uproar.

I have good news, though! The Mary Sue came through with some funding, which means I’ll be able to pick up the Gravity Falls recaps again once all of this turmoil settles down and the so-called “Steven Nuke” has finally allowed my sleepless, ashen body to rest.

Hit the jump for some analyses.

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Five Forgotten Gems – Horror Comedies

Hand in hand with the human fascination with death comes the desire to defang it – to make it bearable and understandable. And yet, horror comedies are perilously difficult to pull off with much success, often veering toward one or the other or coming off with a unpleasantly leering tone (looking at you, Thankskilling). In a world where we’ve all shrugged our shoulders and said, “sure, saying we’re all watching Sharknado ironically is good enough,” I thought it might be nice to take a look at some films that melded comedy and horror with love, effort, and actual worthwhile effect.

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The Summer of Steven

Hey, there, internet. If you’re wondering what happened to yesterday’s Consulting Analyst, let me introduce you to the Summer of Steven:

summer of steven

Yup. A whole month of new episodes every day, Monday to Friday. And yours truly has been writing them up over on The Mary Sue. It’s been…an adjustment. So while I try to keep my head above water and hopefully ride the rest of the month through with no more interruptions, here are some mini-analyses to tide you over.

And if you’ve been curious about Steven Universe but aren’t sure where to start, I’ve got you covered there too. 

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Ghostbusters is a Movie About Women Fighting to be Heard

team shot 1

Here is what I knew about Ghostbusters prior to this weekend: there are proton packs, one shouldn’t cross the streams, there’s a bit with a giant Stay Puft Marshmallow Man, the cartoon (in which Slimer was mascot) came on before Digimon, and if the song was playing that meant they were going to break out the smoke machines at the local roller rink.

Yes, despite my love for supernaturally-tinted 80s movies and a frankly alarming number of viewings of The Blues Brothers and What About Bob?, I managed to go 26 years without ever quite making time for the original Ghostbusters – I’d remember that I’d been meaning to watch it only to find that the copy from the library had been stolen, or it had been removed from Netflix the week prior, and it was never enough of an urgent concern to pay money for. That might make me the ideal experimental viewing audience for the new reboot.

Or it’s possible that I am not a True Fan, and that my opinion is completely invalid at best and propaganda at worst – because I liked it, you see. But let’s stave off that inescapable cultural context just for a moment, though, and look at the movie on its own merits.

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The Consulting Analyst – Interview With the Vampire (Part 4)


Part Four: Love Triangles Always Seem to Start With a Redhead


When last we left off, the apartments on the Rue Royale were in flame (which is an alarmingly frequent outcome when Louis is involved with domestic disputes) and Louis and Claudia had fled for their lives. We pick up with the pair of them safely on the deck of the ship, Louis keeping watch and half-expecting Lestat to come chasing after them. He can’t seem to shake the image of Lestat’s twisted, post-murder attempt form, fearing that they themselves are horrific monsters under their beautiful facades.

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