Month: June 2016

Funtimes Medical News

Medical  Hey there, readers. Yes, unfortunately this is me announcing another small delay. I’m having oral surgery this week, which means a lot of pain and swelling loopy painkillers. It also, unfortunately, means I’ll be in no shape to recap Gankutsuou this week (and also that today’s post […]

Anger is Our Last Respite

In light of the tragedy in Orlando, I hope you’ll forgive the small change of pace. I finished a piece recently about my hometown: about its culture of silence, and the muffled cries of queerness and mental illness struggling to survive under that suffocating grasp. An acquaintance of […]

You may’ve noticed that the blog schedule got completely borked this week – travel and deadlines are a hell of a thing, readers. So! Look forward to a content-packed weekend, just for you.