Tinfoil News Update – Consulting Analyst Edition

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Yes, the votes are in by an alarmingly large margin. It looks like the Consulting Analyst will be taking on Gankutsuou (aka The Count of Monte Cristo IN SPAAAAACE). The question now becomes, “but when.”

Don’t worry, I said it was next and I meant it. However, as I began to plot all of this out, two things happened. First, I adjusted my newbie-friendly Gargoyles recaps to cover two episodes per post instead of one (meaning they’ll take 33 weeks to finish instead of 65). Secondly, this:


Listen, if I’m going to analyze my just about decade-running favorite anime, I’m going to do it right. That means lots and lots of research into various adaptations (though not all of them, because I’m not going to do the arcane animal sacrifices necessary to obtain some of the rarer ones), and it means 1300 pages of fuck-my-free-time reading and note taking. We’re going to be so educated, readers.

What that means is that while I’m chipping away at that in the background I’ll be doing Gargoyles straight through without breaks (probably. Life has a way of being a pain about these things when you make absolutes). At the end of those 33 weeks – that’s about April, for those keeping track – we’ll switch tracks and make the full run through Gankutsuou, complete with more slightly-unnerving fondness than you might believe me capable of displaying. And lots and lots of comparative study.

In the mean time, I designed the current CA to be accessible to people watching Gargoyles for the first time (partially due to how long it is), so don’t be shy in dropping by just because it’s western animation. And if you’re disappointed about the lack of a full-on essay today, here are some Scattered Accumulated Thoughts:

• Reminder that I’m recapping season 2 of Rick & Morty over at The Mary Sue (or if you want to get them a little early, you can go here). Double reminder if you’re a fan to watch the new episodes over at Adult Swim – this is a new show yet, and those streaming numbers are important for future renewal.
Also the new season is slowly hooking my heart out through my nostrils, an anatomical impossibility I assure you it’s nonetheless found a way to accomplish.

• I’m recapping Steven Universe as well, just in case you’re in desperate craving for yours truly saying too many words (the show’s on a mini-break until September, so you’ll have to make do with the last few Steven Bombs, I’m afraid).

• I’ve been commissioned to write an essay about Sound Euphonium – if all goes well, expect to see that in about a month or so (and you can learn more about requesting a commission here).

• Expect an essay on Hannibal at some point in the future (once s3 is finished) – I’m still catching up on the new season, but every minute watched is another minute spent in awe of the gorgeous cinematography, solid acting, and delicious body horror. Oh, and the agonizing, strangling realization that nobody is coming to rescue this show from cancellation. C’mon, Hulu. We’re friends, right? We’ve got each others backs?

• Oh, and if I get any more excited about Blue Jacket my eyeballs will liquefy and melt out of my skull. I don’t make the facts, I just report them.

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    I once pitched Gankutsuou to a friend as “It’s the Count of Monte Cristo…but it’s in space… and he’s a VAMPIRE!” which remains to this day my best worst description of an anime plot. It’s such a great show though. And I’ve actually never read the unabridged CoMC, so reading your posts on it will be all educational n stuff too. Just… try to pencil in some sleep between all this reading, watching, and blogging you’re doing.

    • Ohhhhhhh my God my ability to read comments post-nap is truly astonishing in its idiocy. Oi. ABBREVIATIONS HOW?
      I’ve never actually successfully made it all the way through the unabridged myself, so it’ll be an enlightening experience.

  2. Good thing you have the Penguin addition, it’s the one that doesn’t censor the Lesbian plotline.
    Is where I briefly lay out my thoughts on this Anime.

    Since your on TUmblr, I recenlty created this.

    But I may very well promote your covering of Gankutsuo on this TUmlbr of mine

    My main Tumblr is JaredMithrandir.

      • They haven’t done an Dumas works yet, but I high recommend the Translation published by BlackCoatPress especially if you ever decide to start reading the original Lupin stories.

        Their version of The Phantom of The Opera is also better then any other English Versions.

  3. Since your gonna be researching other Adaptations of the story. Matthew Baugh has a book called The Vampire Count of Monte-Cristo that is an arguably similar premise. But it doesn’t remove the Lesbian subplot.

    The anthology series Tales of The Shadowmen no doubt used the count a few times, I know he appears in the first volume. the upcoming Volume 12 this December will possibly feature a story I wrote that star Eugenie Danglars and Louise d’Armilly.

  4. Woo! So ridiculously excited for this that I might run through the novel myself.

    Btw, speaking of supplemental material, have you heard the Gankutsuou audio drama? It has some lovely (and anguished!) tracks of Joji Nakata covering the Count’s time at the Château d’If.

    • AUDIO DRAMA WHAT. This is a thing I’ll have to look into (I knew about the manga – which, ehhhh – but I wasn’t aware there’d been other material made).

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