Month: April 2015

Plot Renovation – Haunting Ground

Between stories you wouldn’t change if you were paid and those that cause hives on sight, there’s…well, 75% of everything you’ve ever watched. You know, the thing that was pretty okay, all around, but might’ve been a lot more interesting if only. Perspective flips, gender changes, genre shifts: […]

Tinfoil News Update

Those of you who stopped by to visit this weekend might’ve noticed an addition to the sidebar. That’s right, the dreaded tip jar. I know that little yellow button can have a way of spreading ripples of terror in its wake, so I wanted to try allaying those […]

Original Fiction: Beta-Test Boy

Editorial Note: And now for something (mostly) different. While I’ve had a few published works dotted around the blog, it occurred to me that I’d not posted a story in full. This here is one I wrote a bit over a year ago (in looking back on it, it’s […]