Five Forgotten Gems: Animated Film Edition

Long before videogames took on the mantle as ‘most frequently dismissed potential art form,’ the field of animation had been scraping for even the smallest bits of esteem from the cultural majority. Yes, of course animation is ‘kid’s stuff,’ not worthy of the attention of the real moviegoing public.

Never mind that animation allows for a near infinite variety of stylistic opportunities and a far more affordable means of enacting the fantastical and surreal in addition to the low-key and lifelike, or that the timeless quality of the form allows it to escape technological and era-driven pigeonholing far more easily than its live action counterparts (not to mention that stylized videogames age far more gracefully than their verisimilitude-obsessed peers).

But given the general subject matter around these parts, I expect I am (in part) preaching to the choir. So let us instead uncover some gems of animation, from the underpraised works of established geniuses to bold and unproven artists, whether you missed them the first time around or are itching to see them again.

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The Consulting Analyst – Silent Hill

(Editorial note: Worry not, Utena readers, for that series hasn’t stopped. Rather, each time I reach the end of a disc, we’ll take a little one week break to explore one of the games in the Silent Hill series, which is quite dear to my heart)


Which is unfortunate, because that is the foundation of every Silent Hill analysis

Hey, this series is timely now, what with Del Toro and Kojima getting involved! What a pleasant (if unnecessary) coincidence. If you want to play the game yourself it’s available for download on the Playstation Network, or you can watch a most excellent Let’s Play here.

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Guardians of the Galaxy: Great Characters, Wrong Protagonist


Oh God, it’s Toy Story 3 all over again

As I was promised by the internet, I went to a movie theater and came back out again with a lot of feelings about a tree and a raccoon. Indeed, it was the best Star Wars movie I’d seen since those carefully preserved unaltered tapes of the original trilogy on my bookshelf. Truly, Marvel has mastered the game of adapting the often inherent weirdness of the comic book world for the structures of the big picture.

But as a writer, there was one nagging oddity I couldn’t get out of my head: why on earth is this movie centered around Peter Quill?

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Make This (Movie) Happen – Cable & Deadpool


Hey, did y’all see the test footage that’s been floating around recently? With Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool, having a merry time picking off thugs on a freeway? The incredibly painful footage (and by ‘painful’ I mean that I spent years quashing down my fragile, often battered hopes and now they’ve all come rushing back again)? Well, scroll down a bit and you can say you have.

If you are currently either weeping, drooling, or keening lowly whilst wearing a shocked and catatonic look on your face, then welcome Marvel fans! For those with average to unenthusiastic interest in superheroes, Deadpool is a mercenary created in the 90s by Rob Liefeld (he of the impossibly swaybacked women, tiny feet, and pouches), originally a ripoff of Teen Titans’ Slade Wilson/Deathstroke who came into his own under the writing of Joe Kelly and Gail Simone.

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