The Future of Fridays (Also a Poll)

Things are getting pretty close to a turning point around here, at least as far as the end of the week posts go. There are two more episodes left in the Woman Called Fujiko Mine series (plus an essay, but that’ll go in a Monday slot), the thing that I was most powerfully determined to talk about since day one. And while I do have plans to do a spotlight on the infamous and unfairly maligned Pink Jacket series (perhaps not all 50 episodes, as I’m pretty positive I’d run out of fresh and insightful quips long before then, but at least 13 – what you’d consider a modern season’s worth), even yours truly needs the occasional break from the great Lupin III.

And so I thought to myself, what a perfect time to ask for a bit of input from my readers. I am at turns baffled and unbelievably touched by how many folks come out of the woodwork to check up on this little blog, whether as subscribers or just the occasional glance. It means a great deal to me, since a writer loves nothing so much (in my experience) as brightening another’s life with their writing in some small way.

With that in mind, I’ve put up a poll with a few options for the next Friday installment (sans the eventual Pink posts). All three are ones I’ll probably do eventually if there’s any interest, but it’ll give me a chance to rank them and get an idea of what people would be interested in down the line. The poll will be open until the last Fujiko Mine post is done. You can skim a brief description of the three options under the cut. Thanks guys, and have a wonderful week!


The Consulting Analyst – Revolutionary Girl Utena: One of the great classic anime, oft forgotten contemporary to the legendary Evangelion. Utena comes to Ohtori Academy seeking the mysterious prince who once gave her a rose sigil ring, having sworn on that day to become a prince herself. She quickly gets drawn into the Student Council’s duels over Anthy, the so called “Rose Bride” said to give her betrothed the power to revolutionize the world. A work rife with beautiful character drama and occasionally terrifyingly obtuse visual and narrative symbolism, and one I long to do my part in championing.


Movie Gear Solid: There’s this long-retired (I hope) joke that you play a Metal Gear Solid game about 2/5ths of the time, and spend the other 3/5ths watching a movie. A really hilariously ridiculous, surprisingly poignant movie about…where do I start. Once upon a time there was a soldier who ran afoul of an international, deep-rooted conspiracy, and became embittered enough to form his own nation of PMCs. And later, much later, his sons came face to face with the fallout of what that man did. I’d like to put that “movie” comment to the test, by doing up the first four Solid titles (though the old Metal Gear titles and the newer Big Boss-era stuff might end up getting its due consideration) in the style of the Green Jacket recaps – part snarking and plot, part commentary. And if my hunch is right, we’ll find a bit to discuss about what makes them unique and, dare I say, effective as games.


The Consulting Analyst – Silent Hill: A flag-bearing standard of the horror genre, not to mention a breathtaking example of interactive storytelling when it’s on form, the Silent Hill games have a lot going on under the surface (trust me, I wrote a thesis about it). Some…some more than others (although several of the later games get more vicious criticism than they probably deserve. Except Homecoming. It deserves it). At its heart there’s the town, a location of questionable (and questionably malicious) sentience that seems to draw troubled souls into its streets. Once there, it shows them their fears and weaknesses in monstrous form, a grotesque portrait of the human heart. So, with games beginning to come into their own as a unique form of storytelling, why not give a demonstration of how a person might go getting all they can from those layers?

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    • Me too! Don’t worry, they’ll both happen (so long as people are at least a little interested). Just have to clear up some order and such.

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